Posted by: Steph | February 13, 2009

Training Day 5

So here is my week so far – all distances refer to runs (slow, but not any walking):

Monday: 6.44Kmn (4M), 15 min abs class

Tuesday: Weights, 15 min abs class

Wednesday: 6.44Km, 15 min abs class

Thursday 5Km, Weights, 15 min abs class

Friday: 6.44 Km, 15 min abs class (intended, not yet complete)

And this does not count 6Km walking every day to and from work.

I have not been this physically exhausted since I was a rower in high school, and my left leg is a teeny bit achy – need to keep an eye on it. I’ve been looking at a multitude of 10Km training plans and I think I am going to make a few adjustments to mine. I think that from now on I will do a spin class on Thursdays instead of a run.  Tomorrow is my day off and I plan to spend quality time with the dog and hang out on the couch.  Sunday I am scheduled for another 6.44Km – although I may bring it down to 5Km but do it outside for a change.

So… I am learning what makes a good run, and the biggest challenge seems to be the mental part. On Monday I was pumped up and I was able to not look at the time or distance for about 6 songs in a row. When I am able to do this time flies. I also pretend I am dancing to keep up the adrenaline. I picture myself on the Big House porch in Vermont (the place I’ve had the most fun, and frequent, dancing in my life) and I think of all of the people that I love to see there. Each time I think of someone new I get a mini burst of happy that propels me forward. Wow. That sounds ridiculously cheesy. How embarrassing. But I do find that songs that bring back dancing memories keep me the most engaged, especially for the first half. For the second half I need songs with momentum. I get bored with anything that lacks vocals.

Nothing is more troubling than boredom during a run. On Wednesday I had a horrible time because I could not stop checking the time every single minute… and that is a lot of minutes.Since I am so slow.

I want a muffin now. Chocolate Chip. Too bad about that.

Off to abs class. Hope Gym Guy shows so that I am not tempted to cheat a little on Plank.


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