Posted by: Steph | February 16, 2009

Day 8. Shoe Stolen.

I was prepared to run 8k today. In fact, I’ve been preparing all weekend. I took Saturday off and enjoyed the break, did a well paced 6.44k yesterday, and today, instead of making lunch plans, or so many other things, I headed to the gym to do my scheduled 8k. Except that someone had broken into my locker, and stolen ONE shoe, as well as my iPod holder. I am furious and would happily resort to violence. I would be less livid had they stolen two because at least then I could think that perhaps some criminal was busy improving his or her cardiovascular health. But no, my other shoe is most likely in a garbage somewhere. The gym is “unsupervised” on weekends, but there are video cameras (not in the actual locker rooms) which I would have thought would be a deterrent to cutting locks.

So livid. And my training schedule will have to be re-set. Not to mention I am not exactly rich and now I need to fork out money for new shoes. I loved my shoes and they have been discontinued. Running shoes are all ugly but at least mine were green and pink. And SO comfortable (Asics).

I’ve already had theft issues at the gym and this makes me hate the idea of going there again. I need to get over that in a hurry. Already every time I see someone being rude or obnoxious I suspect them. I would contemplate taking a few days off but I have the 5k and the 10k and a few more abs classes to attend.

Who the fuck steals one shoe?



  1. I am horrified on your behalf! Maybe it was the one legged woman.

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