Posted by: Steph | February 10, 2009

Training. Day 1

So I decided to run a 5k race. I am not a runner. I’ve been a swimmer, rower, roller blader, biker, etc. but running has always been that thing that I hate. I want to get over that.

I started training and strangely enough, in no time the 5k began to seem a little less scary… so I signed up for a 10k race. I like to feel slightly out of my element. Also, I have way too many friends who have run marathons, half marathons, 15Ks, and so on and I felt a little wimpy being all excited about a lame 5k race. Maybe this attitude is why I prefer team sports.

Now I am terrified. I found a 12 week training program and the race is in 12 weeks. I am on Day 2 (yes, I did lie in the title of this post). Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I ran 4 Miles – 6.44Km. Without any walking. Now it is possible that I set a record for the slowest 4M in North America, but I am choosing to ignore that.

Today I am starving, but since my runner friends have told me that eating junk will make it much more difficult to train, I am not tempted by the call of chocolate chip muffins.

Boring girl thing: I do want to loose 30 pounds, and I figure running a 10k is a better incentive to get to the gym than “I want to be skinny”. Especially since I am no longer 20 and I won’t be skinny simply from working out a few times a week. I miss those days.

So today – day 2, an “Off” day on my schedule, I plan to do my abd class and arm weights. I should also mention that I walk 6k almost every day since I find the subway, and strangers on it, annoying.

I am contemplating using this blog as my training thoughts playground but I have learned to not make any blogging promises. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah, and I hope Gym Guy is there today because I don’t even try to cheat in abs or with weights when he might notice that. Were he to notice the fact that I am alive.



  1. Speeling, Day 1.

  2. Great minds think alike! I thought the same about training for the triathlon – I need motivation to really go to the gym and exercise, and that is it!! Love it!! When’s your 5K?

  3. OK Steph. You are motivating me. I want to say good-bye to 20 lbs, and run regularly. I will do the 5 km, and find another, longer race. My only advice to you is to try an outdoor run every now and then when the weather is good. Love Ya!

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