Posted by: Steph | July 20, 2010

Eagle Mountain Harbour. 10 Things.

What is Eagle Mountain Harbour? Big property on Lake Champlain in Vermont, 15+ cottages, same friends and familIes for over 50 years. If I were to give you more detail it would sound like some sort of deranged cross between a resort and a cult commune.

1. I’ve been going to Eagle Mountain every summer since I was eight months old. It is impossible to explain to people what exactly it is – but whenever I bring someone there they seem to think it explains a whole lot about me. Which could be perceived as disturbing since it is such a weird place.

2. I consider Vermont a part of Canada since we are all Canadians at Eagle Mountain. Except for Jacquie.

3. Disco never died there and neither did 80’s preppy. Pop your collar and Push Push In The…

4. The Flirting Game started there and I could never ask for a better training ground. There was scoring involved and there was never any intent – so it was really all about technique.

6. I wish I had more opportunities to build forts and climb trees in everyday life.

7. When I was little I thought girls were kind of silly… until Melanie pushed me off the porch. I did once try to convince Philippe that me being a girl was only temporary.

8. Ice cream calories don’t count if you are in Vermont and eating Ben & Jerry’s. We have been eating it since it was one little store in Burlington. New flavour this year that involves maple and caramel. It’s like someone reached into my brain and created the flavour that I did not even know I wanted.

9. I don’t really mind bats, except when I am in my pyjamas. Which makes no sense. Water snakes freak me out and I am convinced that they want to get me.

10. I plan on beating Chris at Croquet this year. But I don’t think I will bet the dog again. It’s a bit sad that technically my dog now belongs to Philippe. It was worth risking my dog for his first born son though. I think his wife would have been mad had he lost.


And check it out - the kid is giving the peace sign.



  1. In response to Thing #2, don’t forget your little American cousins!

  2. I don’t consider you guys american.

  3. #5 is a secret?

  4. I also stayed at eagle mountain, in a cottage from the age of seven until I was seventeen. Great memories.

  5. Love Stephs tangents. Our family stayed in the log cabin for a few years, beginning around 1963, then moved up to a cabin above Eric and Pam Cloutiers, right beside the rec hall. Fondly remember the Hobarts, Fullers,Christopher and Fiona, Phillipe, Crewing on Alan Edwards Signet,and many other great memories. Thanks. Margaret Wright (Bates) Is there still “water polo” after the tennis tournament?

  6. Steph, great post of yours; just came across it in an on-line walk down memory lane. What an idyllic late-Spring, Summer and Fall place it was, with great memories ! It surely registered with us all for our lifetimes and generated many long-term friendships. Well done.

  7. May 2015 – end of an era! DCI’s no longer have a permanent place at EMH. Our hearts and souls will never leave…..

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