Posted by: Steph | November 27, 2011

Testing stuff on my new phone…

Well this is going to be fun.

I like this picture because I keep thinking it’s someone else – a friend who also often favours jeans and navy cons. It’s the first picture I took with my phone.

Posted by: Steph | April 18, 2011

On Hold.

I’m pushing the pause button here.

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Small note… this is what I was up to this weekend:

Steph Marshall at Graffitis

The great thing about Graffitis is that everyone looks better there than in real life.

Posted by: Steph | January 1, 2011

I’m not 20.


I’ve had three 20 year old girls here for the past few days and it has been a blast. I keep forgetting that I’m actually way older than they are – until conversations like this:

Me (having slipped in 20 year old girl talking rhythm): “You have to check out this video – k, look at this guy, isn’t he so cute???”

Little cousin: “Ewww, Steph, he is literally old enough to be my dad! I like cute young guys”

Reality check. I’m not 20.

Posted by: Steph | December 11, 2010

Checking in

Music makes stuff happen. Ever since I picked up my guitar things have been in overdrive and I’m not sure where it’s all leading. I like that. Comfort zones are for pussies.

So what do you need to know? Here are some run on sentences and ramblings to get you up to speed.

1. Big day is Monday… Open stage with 2 originals and a cover. Thanks god(s) I finally finished that second song… It’s not perfect but I’m feeling good about it.

2. My parents want to come and see me play but I’m not letting them – because do I really want to be belting out a tune about wanting to fuck someone with them in the small audience? Not so much. Is that something you ever get over?

3. I seem to have over-prepped this summer and moving into winter I am still over-compensating with the rockstar/tomboy look. If I don’t bring the preppy back they may not let me into Vermont next summer so I had better reintroduce a dash of preppy.

4. Loving hockey and I “scored” 2 goals last week – one of them I knew I was going to have to collide and wipe out to pull it off but I went for it anyway and felt so tough. The quotes around “scored” is because it was not a real game. Seems when the pucks come out so does a little bit of killer instinct. So much more fun than golf.

5. Digitized old tapes (including mine…) and I’ve been time traveling while walking to and from work. Jalyn Ridley, Melisse Lafrance, all of the hot shaved headed tough boot women. Some stuff ages well, some not so much… I pretty much loathe mine, although I could probably re-work one or two tracks if so inclined.

6. I miss France. Haven’t been in too long and I miss the family.

7. My Mini-me’s are coming to visit for New Year’s! I keep calling them my “little cousins” but they are in their 20’s now (the ones from DC, not from France… but don’t be fooled, we all got the French side). So anyone think they can handle hanging out with three of me? They are kind of like Steph 2.0 – They got the bugs out. Going to bring them to see Guitar Guy play amongst other things. They are also into music and accidental stalking.

8. It’s official. Nothing on the planet feels as good as seeing live music and really feeling a song. Nothing. Thanks SOO much Stephen Stanley and Ron Hawkins because I’ve really been spoiled with a lot of that recently. I’m a huge suck for the solo shows with new material but what a complete blast to see Lowest of the Low after 20 years. Last time I saw them was with ex Al Bakewell and although I liked a bunch of their songs… I was wondering why we were missing a night of parties if it wasn’t for the Indigo Girls. Yeah, I was that girl. Anyway, they rocked last weekend and (yes I know, I’m like a drug pusher with music) – everyone should make an effort to see them play because these guys do not belong in your past. Oh and follow @sstanleymusic on Twitter and do complain to him if his tweets are not riveting enough.

9. A Year Without Candy is over but may have to start up another year without it because moderation is still not really my strong point when it comes to sugar. Or Diet Coke. or boots.

10. Random song that I’ve been singing all day. With the accent. It’s fun.

K. That’s me. Just needed to get the rambling out of my system. Your turn.

Posted by: Steph | November 25, 2010

Back to the stage


A decade ago I used to sing my songs around town. I stopped for a multitude of reasons, none of them particularly satisfying. This fall I picked up my guitar and started writing again. I had to. I’m planning on hitting an open stage in the near future. I am terrified but thrilled. It feels fantastic.


First open stage will Probably be at the Free Times Cafe.


Soon. It’s a secret. I’ll tell you all the second time, but not the first.


Because I caught myself saying “I used to be way cooler than I am now” and  I meant it.

And Also:

1. I decided to take guitar lessons since the guitar playing was my biggest weakness and I stumbled across best guitar teacher on the planet. I may be prone to gushing about this because it’s such a rush to learn so much so fast. In fact, Guitar Guy may be the new Gym Guy. Poor him. He has no clue. I feel like his accidental stalker because I walk by his house on the way to and from work (as I did before knowing him) and just ran into him at a bar last weekend.

2. The last time I considered myself a singer/songwriter I was a radical dyke singing about the destruction of patriarchy. I kind of messed that up… the whole marrying a man thing, the MBA, the heels… I am starting from scratch and can’t really recycle my old material, it was a little too specific.

3. Since I’ve gone towards music again I’ve had music related things come towards me, including old friends, new music, and new friends.

4. My voice is so different now that I don’t smoke. I’m having fun playing with it in different ways.

5. Starting songs is still easier than finishing them.

6. Tonight I’m off to meet Gerry Leblanc for beers. He and I did many shows together in the olden days, with me opening for him or vice-verca. I have not seen him in about 7 years.

7. It feels so authentic to be doing this. It’s like the most me I can be.

That’s all for now.


Posted by: Steph | September 30, 2010

First Time on the Hockey Ice

You know in the movies when someone decides to get in shape or join the army and we have the get-in-shape montage with a motivating soundtrack? Well hockey wasn’t quite like that. Maybe next week someone can bring in big ghetto blaster and at least cover the soundtrack angle.

I didn’t fall down. No one checked me. I’m not even a bit sore the next day. However, if I’m going to wear that much padding AND a helmet, I want a little bit of roughness. I want to sweat and fall and get back up and score. But we haven’t even gotten to pucks yet…

Todd Warriner

Todd Warriner (I think) and I - Is he trying to get his drink out of the picture frame?

I did learn how to dress, and that the socks aren’t really socks, they are leg warmers. I bet the hockey boys wouldn’t want to call them that.  Hockey is such a guy’s guy thing and I have more experience with the intellectuals and artist types. Guy’s guys weird me out up close.

Last week I was at an event with some X-NHL’ers, and although I pride myself on being somewhat ignorant of all things NHL, I went to introduce myself and get some tips… And then I forgot the useful stuff but I remember that one of them told me to just look really scary. So I will go with that.

Yes, they were so nice and humoured me exceptionally well. The event photographer captured everyone’s every move.

PJ Stock, Kelly Chase, Stephanie Marshall

Very official hockey people giving me tips.

Posted by: Steph | September 29, 2010

I Didn’t Just Kiss Her

Did the headline make you come here? Word on the street is that sex drives traffic. Sensationalized lesbian sex drives even more traffic. And today I’m not even going to deconstruct that.

I was scooped. Song scooped to be precise. Whenever I hear the Katy Pary song I Kissed a Girl I just think that there is someone out there thinking “An annoying drunk straight girl just kissed me in order to turn on her boyfriend – and furthermore, I hate cherry lips gloss”.

Jen Foster tackled a response to Katy’s song and takes it up a notch with this:

I Didn’t Just Kiss Her

Perfection. The song explains that actually they went and had amazing sex but Katy is just denying it and blaming it on the drinking because of internalized homophobia… but she phrases it much better of course.

Posted by: Steph | August 29, 2010

Five Songs Right Now – Summer trails off edition…

In no particular order:

1. Mayor of Simpleton by XTC – Thanks Chris. I like the unexpected turns in this song.

2. DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again by Usher – Makes me dance. Anywhere. Which can be embarrassing. Except for  the line “I want to be your gyno, not your doctor”… which gives me pause each time.

3. There are Maybe Ten or Twelve by A.C. Newman – I can’t figure this song out but I can listen to it about 12 times in a row.

4. Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep – Stumbled accross this, and I like it because I’m not sure exactly where my soul is today.

5. Breakeven by The Script – “Cause when a heart breaks no it don’t break even”.

Bonus: And if you have not listened to me in the past – go and download Sometime Around Midnight,or anything else by The Airborne Toxic Event for that matter. They are coming to Toronto on September 13th and I can’t wait!

Posted by: Steph | August 29, 2010

More notes from the gym

1. The Gym Girls have been asking me to be a success story on the gym bulletin board. I’ve said no. I don’t like the connotation that I am a before and after story, even though they have promised me that it doesn’t have to be like that. I told them that they didn’t really want me giving tips on how to stay motivated. Could you imagine a poster with my tips? Steph stays motivated by amusing herself with fictional gym boyfriends like Gym Guy and Green Shirt Guy.

2. I’m taking up hockey in the fall. Girls did not have easy access when I was young, and I had to settle for figure skating. Not the same. But it’s never too late and one of my best friends started a hockey clinic for women. Perfect.

3. Speaking of good friends, THANK YOU to Julia who proved me wrong. She got me a cute workout top and I actually like it! Since I’m not quite as cool as Julia and not training for major triathalons I don’t get as much benefit from the fact that it doesn’t rub, but I do seem to have my fastest runs in the top.

4. I’m starting to actually enjoy running. I had a stressful week last week and it felt amazing to run for an hour on Friday. I even find myself looking forward to it.

5. I’m bored of weight training and I’m not sure what to do about it. The only thing keeping me doing it is that I know it really helps me see results.

6. I’ve been lackadaisical about checking into the gym on foursquare and someone, a stranger, stole my mayorship. Jerk.

7. I did my 100 pushups but not elegantly. I was thinking of keeping up the training to improve, but that did not happen and now I’ve lost the magic touch and can’t quite seem to care. The problem is that the only time that makes sense to do them is the morning, and I’m not very motivated then.

8. I think I burnt myself out a little because all month I’ve been more physically tired. Hoping for the big burst of energy in September.

Posted by: Steph | July 20, 2010

Eagle Mountain Harbour. 10 Things.

What is Eagle Mountain Harbour? Big property on Lake Champlain in Vermont, 15+ cottages, same friends and familIes for over 50 years. If I were to give you more detail it would sound like some sort of deranged cross between a resort and a cult commune.

1. I’ve been going to Eagle Mountain every summer since I was eight months old. It is impossible to explain to people what exactly it is – but whenever I bring someone there they seem to think it explains a whole lot about me. Which could be perceived as disturbing since it is such a weird place.

2. I consider Vermont a part of Canada since we are all Canadians at Eagle Mountain. Except for Jacquie.

3. Disco never died there and neither did 80’s preppy. Pop your collar and Push Push In The…

4. The Flirting Game started there and I could never ask for a better training ground. There was scoring involved and there was never any intent – so it was really all about technique.

6. I wish I had more opportunities to build forts and climb trees in everyday life.

7. When I was little I thought girls were kind of silly… until Melanie pushed me off the porch. I did once try to convince Philippe that me being a girl was only temporary.

8. Ice cream calories don’t count if you are in Vermont and eating Ben & Jerry’s. We have been eating it since it was one little store in Burlington. New flavour this year that involves maple and caramel. It’s like someone reached into my brain and created the flavour that I did not even know I wanted.

9. I don’t really mind bats, except when I am in my pyjamas. Which makes no sense. Water snakes freak me out and I am convinced that they want to get me.

10. I plan on beating Chris at Croquet this year. But I don’t think I will bet the dog again. It’s a bit sad that technically my dog now belongs to Philippe. It was worth risking my dog for his first born son though. I think his wife would have been mad had he lost.


And check it out - the kid is giving the peace sign.

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