Posted by: Steph | December 11, 2010

Checking in

Music makes stuff happen. Ever since I picked up my guitar things have been in overdrive and I’m not sure where it’s all leading. I like that. Comfort zones are for pussies.

So what do you need to know? Here are some run on sentences and ramblings to get you up to speed.

1. Big day is Monday… Open stage with 2 originals and a cover. Thanks god(s) I finally finished that second song… It’s not perfect but I’m feeling good about it.

2. My parents want to come and see me play but I’m not letting them – because do I really want to be belting out a tune about wanting to fuck someone with them in the small audience? Not so much. Is that something you ever get over?

3. I seem to have over-prepped this summer and moving into winter I am still over-compensating with the rockstar/tomboy look. If I don’t bring the preppy back they may not let me into Vermont next summer so I had better reintroduce a dash of preppy.

4. Loving hockey and I “scored” 2 goals last week – one of them I knew I was going to have to collide and wipe out to pull it off but I went for it anyway and felt so tough. The quotes around “scored” is because it was not a real game. Seems when the pucks come out so does a little bit of killer instinct. So much more fun than golf.

5. Digitized old tapes (including mine…) and I’ve been time traveling while walking to and from work. Jalyn Ridley, Melisse Lafrance, all of the hot shaved headed tough boot women. Some stuff ages well, some not so much… I pretty much loathe mine, although I could probably re-work one or two tracks if so inclined.

6. I miss France. Haven’t been in too long and I miss the family.

7. My Mini-me’s are coming to visit for New Year’s! I keep calling them my “little cousins” but they are in their 20’s now (the ones from DC, not from France… but don’t be fooled, we all got the French side). So anyone think they can handle hanging out with three of me? They are kind of like Steph 2.0 – They got the bugs out. Going to bring them to see Guitar Guy play amongst other things. They are also into music and accidental stalking.

8. It’s official. Nothing on the planet feels as good as seeing live music and really feeling a song. Nothing. Thanks SOO much Stephen Stanley and Ron Hawkins because I’ve really been spoiled with a lot of that recently. I’m a huge suck for the solo shows with new material but what a complete blast to see Lowest of the Low after 20 years. Last time I saw them was with ex Al Bakewell and although I liked a bunch of their songs… I was wondering why we were missing a night of parties if it wasn’t for the Indigo Girls. Yeah, I was that girl. Anyway, they rocked last weekend and (yes I know, I’m like a drug pusher with music) – everyone should make an effort to see them play because these guys do not belong in your past. Oh and follow @sstanleymusic on Twitter and do complain to him if his tweets are not riveting enough.

9. A Year Without Candy is over but may have to start up another year without it because moderation is still not really my strong point when it comes to sugar. Or Diet Coke. or boots.

10. Random song that I’ve been singing all day. With the accent. It’s fun.

K. That’s me. Just needed to get the rambling out of my system. Your turn.



  1. Congrats on all fronts and have fun on Monday.
    And of course Happy Birthday.

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