Posted by: Steph | November 25, 2010

Back to the stage


A decade ago I used to sing my songs around town. I stopped for a multitude of reasons, none of them particularly satisfying. This fall I picked up my guitar and started writing again. I had to. I’m planning on hitting an open stage in the near future. I am terrified but thrilled. It feels fantastic.


First open stage will Probably be at the Free Times Cafe.


Soon. It’s a secret. I’ll tell you all the second time, but not the first.


Because I caught myself saying “I used to be way cooler than I am now” and  I meant it.

And Also:

1. I decided to take guitar lessons since the guitar playing was my biggest weakness and I stumbled across best guitar teacher on the planet. I may be prone to gushing about this because it’s such a rush to learn so much so fast. In fact, Guitar Guy may be the new Gym Guy. Poor him. He has no clue. I feel like his accidental stalker because I walk by his house on the way to and from work (as I did before knowing him) and just ran into him at a bar last weekend.

2. The last time I considered myself a singer/songwriter I was a radical dyke singing about the destruction of patriarchy. I kind of messed that up… the whole marrying a man thing, the MBA, the heels… I am starting from scratch and can’t really recycle my old material, it was a little too specific.

3. Since I’ve gone towards music again I’ve had music related things come towards me, including old friends, new music, and new friends.

4. My voice is so different now that I don’t smoke. I’m having fun playing with it in different ways.

5. Starting songs is still easier than finishing them.

6. Tonight I’m off to meet Gerry Leblanc for beers. He and I did many shows together in the olden days, with me opening for him or vice-verca. I have not seen him in about 7 years.

7. It feels so authentic to be doing this. It’s like the most me I can be.

That’s all for now.



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