Posted by: Steph | September 30, 2010

First Time on the Hockey Ice

You know in the movies when someone decides to get in shape or join the army and we have the get-in-shape montage with a motivating soundtrack? Well hockey wasn’t quite like that. Maybe next week someone can bring in big ghetto blaster and at least cover the soundtrack angle.

I didn’t fall down. No one checked me. I’m not even a bit sore the next day. However, if I’m going to wear that much padding AND a helmet, I want a little bit of roughness. I want to sweat and fall and get back up and score. But we haven’t even gotten to pucks yet…

Todd Warriner

Todd Warriner (I think) and I - Is he trying to get his drink out of the picture frame?

I did learn how to dress, and that the socks aren’t really socks, they are leg warmers. I bet the hockey boys wouldn’t want to call them that.  Hockey is such a guy’s guy thing and I have more experience with the intellectuals and artist types. Guy’s guys weird me out up close.

Last week I was at an event with some X-NHL’ers, and although I pride myself on being somewhat ignorant of all things NHL, I went to introduce myself and get some tips… And then I forgot the useful stuff but I remember that one of them told me to just look really scary. So I will go with that.

Yes, they were so nice and humoured me exceptionally well. The event photographer captured everyone’s every move.

PJ Stock, Kelly Chase, Stephanie Marshall

Very official hockey people giving me tips.



  1. It could be a few weeks before we get pucks… But I hate to break it to you – there is NEVER checking in women’s hockey. The good news is that you look great in your gear, though not scare.

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