Posted by: Steph | September 29, 2010

I Didn’t Just Kiss Her

Did the headline make you come here? Word on the street is that sex drives traffic. Sensationalized lesbian sex drives even more traffic. And today I’m not even going to deconstruct that.

I was scooped. Song scooped to be precise. Whenever I hear the Katy Pary song I Kissed a Girl I just think that there is someone out there thinking “An annoying drunk straight girl just kissed me in order to turn on her boyfriend – and furthermore, I hate cherry lips gloss”.

Jen Foster tackled a response to Katy’s song and takes it up a notch with this:

I Didn’t Just Kiss Her

Perfection. The song explains that actually they went and had amazing sex but Katy is just denying it and blaming it on the drinking because of internalized homophobia… but she phrases it much better of course.


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