Posted by: Steph | August 29, 2010

More notes from the gym

1. The Gym Girls have been asking me to be a success story on the gym bulletin board. I’ve said no. I don’t like the connotation that I am a before and after story, even though they have promised me that it doesn’t have to be like that. I told them that they didn’t really want me giving tips on how to stay motivated. Could you imagine a poster with my tips? Steph stays motivated by amusing herself with fictional gym boyfriends like Gym Guy and Green Shirt Guy.

2. I’m taking up hockey in the fall. Girls did not have easy access when I was young, and I had to settle for figure skating. Not the same. But it’s never too late and one of my best friends started a hockey clinic for women. Perfect.

3. Speaking of good friends, THANK YOU to Julia who proved me wrong. She got me a cute workout top and I actually like it! Since I’m not quite as cool as Julia and not training for major triathalons I don’t get as much benefit from the fact that it doesn’t rub, but I do seem to have my fastest runs in the top.

4. I’m starting to actually enjoy running. I had a stressful week last week and it felt amazing to run for an hour on Friday. I even find myself looking forward to it.

5. I’m bored of weight training and I’m not sure what to do about it. The only thing keeping me doing it is that I know it really helps me see results.

6. I’ve been lackadaisical about checking into the gym on foursquare and someone, a stranger, stole my mayorship. Jerk.

7. I did my 100 pushups but not elegantly. I was thinking of keeping up the training to improve, but that did not happen and now I’ve lost the magic touch and can’t quite seem to care. The problem is that the only time that makes sense to do them is the morning, and I’m not very motivated then.

8. I think I burnt myself out a little because all month I’ve been more physically tired. Hoping for the big burst of energy in September.

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