Posted by: Steph | June 17, 2010

Body Image is Wasting my Time

If you had to guess, how many times do you think I have thought “I am fat and need to lose weight” since I got up this morning? Well I lost count before lunch and I was at least at 17.

The good news is that these days I am very strong and very in shape – I have been the workout queen – so why not think 17 times before lunch “Hey, I’m fucking strong!”? Why this slight obsession that thinness = perfection… but only for me – for some reason others can be perfect in a multitude of sizes?

I have lived too much of my life thinking “when I am thinner”, even when I have been really thin. It’s stupid. Life is now.

So today I wore a skirt. Actually it was kind of an office challenge for me to wear a skirt – and my next office challenge is to look really butch… long story and yes work is weird but that’s another post. The new high waisted skirts can’t be worn baggy and there is no hiding my shape. And I showed leg. And I am not perfect at all. Part of me thinks that the outfit is fun and I love the fact that my silhouette looks like someone else, but I also keep thinking that perhaps I look like a cow. A well dressed cow though. And here is the point of this rant… I am trying to remember that I should stop judging myself by standards that I would never apply to someone else. Perfection isn’t even the goal.

Oh yeah, and I’m so fucking strong.



  1. Besideswhich, your legs looked good.

  2. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

    Love this post. Posting might change your life.


    and I have no relevant comments to add because we talked about this in person.

  3. love this

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