Posted by: Steph | June 14, 2010

Notes From the Gym

1. Gym Guy has been missing for a few weeks and once again I worry about the state of his abs. On the plus side I’m sure that his hair has grown and is back in the perfectly floppy phase. Something to look forward to when he does pop up again.

2. I’m not into girly gym wear. Lulu Lemon pants don’t count because by law we must all be a little bit obsessed with them. Now I appreciate the cuteness of bright little tops on others, but when I’m working out I don’t want to be worrying about being so far from perfect. I would prefer to simply look boxy and a little bit invisible in a t-shirt. Now I know… fashion truth is that people look bigger when they wear clothing that is too big – but I can’t quite bring myself to believe that at a visceral level. So no fancy little gym tops for me.

3. On a related note – still don’t get the whole cleavage at the gym thing. Especially since my gym is at my work, so anyone beside me at abs class could be across from me at the boardroom an hour later. It could be awkward to be thinking – oh… he’s the guy who kept looking at my chest at the gym. And I wouldn’t even blame the guy because some of those tops are so low that I can’t help but stare because I don’t understand how nothing falls out when the actual working out happens. Also, I’m creeped out because I know for a fact that there are frequent searches on “cleavage at gym”  because they often land on my last tangent about that. Yay. Perverts on my blog!

4. Gym Guy replacement, aka “Green Shirt Guy” (even though he is not always wearing a green shirt), continues to F1 me with long side glances and smiles. Yesterday I tried to challenge and make him look away first but he won. Easily. In my defense, had I not looked away I would have giggled (not that I giggle). I think I know which department this guy works in but I know nothing else. Time to build a data file. I love research projects.

5. I’ve already shared my love of Lulu Lemon pants, but I have one issue with them. If I run they start to fall and I need to pull them back up every 10 seconds. Annoying. When I’m on the treadmill I literally have to take an extra hair elastic with me in order to tie a knot in the waist to keep them up. Anyone else have that problem or am I weird?

6. Yeah, I do check out to see how much you are lifting. And I love it when I can lift more. Especially if you are bigger than me.

7. Dear guy with the crack showing… I did not need to see that. And in the future WIPE DOWN THE EQUIPMENT. Ewww.

8. Roma has not fallen of a treadmill for a long time now. Yay Roma!



  1. I definitely did have that problem with my Lulu pants, but then I got Boogie crops (I think that’s what they’re called) – no tie at the waist, they just sit very tight. No problem now!!

    As for those little tops, okay first it’s way too hot here for anything else, but also don’t those cotton t-shirts chafe? They don’t absorb sweat at all, and the cute tops do! 😉 You can get some really cute “performance” tops that aren’t all that revealing. Apparently you need to come outlet shopping in Orlando with me!!

  2. 1) I’m not fancy enough for lululemon pants

    2) While I’ve been treadmill-accident free for some time now, I did twist my ankle twice this weekend just walking on a level sidewalk. Go me.

  3. Must hear more about the Green Shirt Guy.

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