Posted by: Steph | June 13, 2010

ER Surgeon? I could do that.

Have you ever watched TV and thought that the jobs looked really fun? Maybe a little bit more fun than yours on a day to day level? Here are five jobs that I think I could master…

1. ER Surgeon: Hospitals look like the most fun places to work on television. First of all, everyone is attractive, even the patients are often enjoyable to look at. Your best friends and at least one family member all work with you. The cases are new and exciting every day, and only the super deep ones will be in your life for a very special 2 weeks. When you work at a hospital you can be sure that you will hook up with anyone who ever gives you a meaningful look. Ever. And when it doesn’t work out, because in hospitals relationships are not allowed to last longer than a year (unless you are sleeping with a few people on the side), there is always the handsome brother (or sister because sudden onset gayness is very common with hospital staff… if you are a girl). Oh yeah, and you get to feel good because you save lots and lots of lives every day.

2. CSI: I don’t know why this is, but as a CSI you get to have a really fancy wardrobe and your heels will not be ruined even if you are walking through a muddy swamp and bloody crime scene. Every week is a new puzzle with complex clues and a perfect solution that ties up every loose end. Expect a charismatic enigmatic boss, who will grown on you over time.

3. Lawyer or Judge: The lawyers have a lot of fun prancing through the law firms sleeping with each other (much like doctors), but their clothes are usually better. I think I would prefer to be a judge because you can banter with the lawyers but get away with being more eccentric and very bossy at the same time. Judges always seem to have an interesting past, that may not be revealed immediately.

4. High School Student: If you check out the cast of 90210 and other high school shows it becomes apparent that high schoolers are no longer teenagers. Maybe we can all be professional high schooler. TV high schoolers appear to have unlimited budgets and zero actual schoolwork. They simply congregate at the same place every day to redefine their relationships to each other. The only case of high schoolers being unattractive is from a little school called Degrassi in the 80’s. So don’t go there.

5. Vampire: With so many vampire shows/movies/books out there you could just take whatever you want from whichever source. For example, I would take the following:

  • 1. Twinkle in the sun like a Twilight vampire.
  • 2. Lifestyle of the True Blood vampires (I like that they hang out with adults and not teenagers)
  • 3. Be able to eat and drink normal food like a Vampire Diaries vampire

What jobs have I missed?



  1. You know that sound you make when you’re very thirsty, and you take that first pull of thirst-quenching liquid refreshment? That “ahh” sound that they have perfected in beer commercials? That’s the sound I have in my head when I read your blog. Ahhh…. some witty, smart, intelligent, fun use of the written word. How I miss it!!!!

    Completely love the Likert scale!! Wish I had more opportunity to put it into action!!! 😉

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