Posted by: Steph | June 7, 2010

Why I Hate Sex and the City

I have not seen the most recent movie, and refuse to pay money to see it (but may watch illegally because I am a bit of a hypocritical pop culture junkie at times), but this is my two cents on the Sex and the City franchise in general.

Yes, I have seen much of the tv show considering the title of my post, which may be a slight exaggeration.. But “Why I Am Consistently Annoyed and disappointed by Sex and the City” just didn’t flow as nicely.

1. The Pink Tutu: I never got over it. I appreciate fashion risks but I’ve always thought of Carrie’s style as being a little bit cheap – in the hooker sense, not so much the high price call girl sense. I will however acquiesce that Carrie looked in cute in the men’s underwear, but did that originate with Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels or SATC?

2. Samantha / Charlotte: The show does not go nearly far enough in building out Samantha’s character past the “has a lot of sex with lots of people” thing. Even though it has been argued that Samantha’s character is helping liberate women’s sexuality, people still think of her as “the slut”, and her sexuality is her primary defining characteristic. She has been cast as the antithesis to Charlotte’s purity princess thing. The Samantha/Charlotte dynamic glorifies the Madonna/Whore complex, a tired motif that has plagued plotlines since the stone age.

What I want to see is an interesting slutty character whose promiscuity is not her defining characteristic.

That being said, I think that there are TONS of movies (often benign seeming ones) that do a much greater disservice to women, but my annoyance with SATC stems from the fact that SATC purports to be about powerful and strong modern women.

Don’t even get me started on what they consider “modern”.

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