Posted by: Steph | June 3, 2010

Television Confessions: The City

Disclaimer: I am fully aware of how embarrassed I need to be that I watch this trite brain candy and I am completely aware that you may (rightly) judge me.

1. I have a crush on Erin Kaplan. I like her raspy voice, killer style, and crooked smirk. Cute.

2. Whitney bores me and looks like a cartoon character with a very round little mouth.

3. Olivia’s superior manner and speech rhythms kind of intrigue me and I can’t take my eyes off her. I secretly like the way she juts her chin out a little when she is being a bitch.

4. Whitney has obviously learned her conversational skills from the girls on The Hills and I just don’t understand why these girls spend so much time just looking at one another and silently moving their heads around. They need to learn how to banter.

5. The After Show. Whoever came up with that show idea deserves cookies. The budget is tiny (by TV standards) and it really adds value to both the viewer (for experience) and the broadcaster (ad dollars). And it’s hosted by smart people, which is useful because it has the perfect hint of subversion. I suspect that Americans could never have pulled this off .


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