Posted by: Steph | June 2, 2010

The Blonde Diaries

I was standing at the bar at an industry event and a completely respectable looking 40ish yr old man turned to me and said something complimentary but completely inappropriate. I am not easily phased but I took a few blinks to process this, as he clearly expected me to engage. This was not meant as a random comment as he walked by.

This does not happen to me when I have dark hair. The blonder I am, the more approachable I seem to be to men. I am not constantly being hit on, but men (especially strangers) seem more chatty and attentive in general. I brought this up to several women who have covered the blonde to brunette spectrum and they concur.

Ten Fifteen years ago I would have ranted about the male gaze and how it ties into the confining beauty standards and assumptions built into a patriarchal society and considered shaving my head. Today, I have fun screwing with people who make the wrong assumptions about me. And one day I might shave my head.

For the record, my response to the man? “Quick, follow that up with something intelligent”.

He did not comply.



  1. Best. Comeback. Ever.

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