Posted by: Steph | June 1, 2010

This Drink Needs a Name

And now for something deep and insightful:

The recipe for the best summer drink in the universe. This is my take on “The Southside” – Which Vanity Fair dubbed the Mojito for the WASP set (apropos since I was introduced to the drink at a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard):

1. Find a big glass, and let me state that fancy drinks taste better out of glasses made of glass.

2. Add ice. Generously. Slightly crushed for extra points.

3. Vodka. As little or as much as you like.

4. Diet 7up. Diet Sprite works as well, but I find that Diet 7up has a more pure taste (remember the “crisp and clean and no caffeine hahaha 7up ads?).

5. Vanilla extract – as much as one would use for a batch of cookies. Some say that this is too much but they are lying.

6. Mint leaves.

And voila!!

Under no circumstances should you use pre-made Vanilla Vodka instead of classic Vodka and vanilla extract because of the added sugar, which makes the drink heavier and the hangover much worse.

Bonus tip that I just got from a work friend (thanks Azam) – Gummy bears. Add a few gummy bears to the bottom for extra zing. I can’t do this until my Year Without Candy ends, so please test and report back.

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  1. Would you have any recommendations on what kind/brand of vodka to use?
    And good for you on sticking to your year without candy!

  2. I usually use Absolut – but most likely because I have enjoyed their pretty advertising efforts over the years, not because I know enough about Vodka…

  3. I have a bottle of Chopin Vodka that I will use for this recipe. I’ll let yo know how it goes!

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