Posted by: Steph | March 30, 2010

Shopping Cart Rant

It’s not too difficult. Upon entering the grocery store you remove a cart, use it throughout your shop, and upon completion you return the empty cart to the cart chain in a designated area.

How is the system compromised?

1. Those who leave garbage in the cart:
I judge people who leave flyers or any other garbage in the cart. I assume that their house is dirty.

2. Improper cart returning:
I find that more and more people just dump their cart in the designated area, unlocked to the other carts. They fit neatly into one another for a reason. I assume that people who do this are inconsiderate, selfish, and most likely a little oblivious.

I wonder if I get more worked up about this than the shopping cart workers.

Not that I’m anal or anything.



  1. Also those who dump their cart in front of doors or on the parking lot!!

  2. I vote for shopping cart police. Any violators will be required to serve as shopping cart cleaners for an hour. Second time offenses will be a day.
    I’m right there with you.

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