Posted by: Steph | December 21, 2009

Christmas Tangents

I’m having trouble finding that Christmassy feeling this year, so I am forcing myself to ramble a little on the topic.

1. One of my favourite things about Christmas is the feeling of clean and space that comes when all of the decorations are put away.

2. Someone came around to spread some Christmas joy in the form of sugary squares… I just ate sugary squares for breakfast. Maybe that was not the best idea in the world.

3. LED lights look like LED lights, they are not a flawless energy efficient substitute. Unless you are the CN Tower or Honest Eds, go for the real thing. I promise not to tell Al Gore.

4. Someone bought me a cupcake and I had it for lunch. Again, less than brilliant.

5. I think that all dogs should wear reindeer antlers every time they go for a walk for the entire month of December.

6. Two best non-traditional Christmas Carols are Rudy by the Be Good Tanyas and Good King Wencellas by the Skydiggers.

7. Santa Claus Candles. Fail. I like to light candles, but watching Santa burn seems wrong. Furthermore I get annoyed storing candles all year, so this year Santa is burning.

8. I am completely bored by the olden days Christmas movies. Judge me. Fine. I’ll get over it.

9. I am surprised that this year we have not seen a vampire Christmas movie, since we have had a vampire everything else this year. Team Eric and Team Werewolf. Would you believe me if I told you that I’m not actually into vampires at all, I just accidentally tripped and fell into Twilight and True Blood?

10. I like the anticipation of Christmas better than Christmas itself. Christmas eve is my favourite part of the holiday by far.

11. Why do I have a dragon on my tree? If you come over, feel free to steal it. Be discreet.

12. I need to eat something that is not sugar based.



  1. hey you!! cleaning out my favourite links and came across “Steph’s Tangets” have some time and read through. call us we can go for a drink on college

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