Posted by: Steph | November 24, 2009

MBA Flashbacks – Connect 2009

I went and I wore jeans! Nice jeans that I styled with a cute jacket and magical heeled boots, but still, jeans were in the mix. Why is this significant? Well actually it isn’t in the grand scheme of things, but it mattered to me and here is why.

While I was a student we were expected to wear matchy-matchy suits to many events and I always felt like I was playing dress up “Look at me, I’m a businessman”. When I showed up at Connect in my jeans I was half expecting to be turned away at the door. For the record, I saw three men in jeans (one was the Proffessor who deals in Marketing and Social Media… my industry) and ZERO women in jeans. More than one person confessed to me that they wished that they had worn jeans instead of the uniform.I made some great contacts and if anything I would believe that I stood out from the finance/banker types which was my goal at this particular event.

While I am all for a well tailored non-poly-blend dark suit when the occasion calls for it, I do not feel that wearing a suit automatically projects the image of importance it once did. Especially student budget suits. I have come across people who believe that if the top and bottom are the same colour then it is a suit. Tell me high end jeans a jacket and well chosen scarf don’t trump that.

The suit is dead. I called it.

Next week: Wearing your pyjamas to work. Pros and cons.




  1. Hi can u pls provide me your mail id. Would like to contact you regarding Schulich School of Business.

  2. Hey Stephanie – stumbled upon your blog via a RT of yours so hopefully that explains the random, tardy comment.

    Did my MBA as well so I could relate to this post especially since I’m fairly certain that I wear jeans far more often now than I did when I was at school. The person makes the ‘suit’ and not the other way around. Although, it doesn’t hurt if you know how to present yourself well, whether its a jean jacket or suit blazer.

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