Posted by: Steph | October 27, 2009

Zygote of an idea

Every time I tell people that I am doing a year without candy they ask me what for. And every time I have to give them the trite truth, I feel like there should be more to it. So why not make it more? I think that the concept is begging to become a charity of some sort – and I love taking on new initiatives… so I’m planning something. Here are some thoughts so far – I would LOVE feedback / input:

  • I think “a month without candy” might work well because people could do it annually – and not everyone is as ridiculous as I am doing an entire year.
  • Charity food/kids/local – food banks?
  • Pledges? Is there some other way?
  • Any way to leverage my talented, connected, and “famous” friends?
  • What is the price of a chocolate bar exactly? What would be the cost of one chocolate bar a day for a month?
  • Define candy precisely but never name brands
  • Honour system a must
  • What month? January to tie into people’s resolutions, or May to tie into bathing suit season concerns. Wait, is it unethical to ride on people’s insecurities about their body? Hmmmm.
  • What is my goal? First year goal? Five year goal?
  • Leverage brains of MBA students who need project ideas?
  • What is my commitment to this with regards to time and money?
  • I bet my mother would enjoy helping. What can I get her to do?
  • Better register the url/tweeter name, etc.
  • What could this turn into if I really tried?

So… does anyone have any ideas to help out?

I will keep you posted on new developments.



  1. every day blog or tweet about a different candy you’re not eating.

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