Posted by: Steph | October 17, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Every preview for this movie had me saying “I’ve got to see that”. It looked like something that would make me feel something strong and powerful, but instead  I left the theatre feeling unsatisfied and empty, and maybe even a little bit sad. I understand that this movie could be nicely analyzed in terms of deeper meaning and metaphor, but I’m going to simplify things. Because it’s late. And I took drugs for my back.

Taking the list approach, let me start with the positive:

1. The kid had great hair.

2. Catherine Keener who played the mother. She can do no wrong.

3. The snow fort.

4. The stunning cinematography.

5. The perfectly captured feeling of being a kid – particularly in the beginning scenes in his home.

7. The giant dog.

What I did not like:

1. The severe inconsequential violence in Wild Thing land.  One scene reminded me of domestic abuse.

2. The kid was not that bright. I know boys that age and they are quicker. Although to be fair they aren’t as tormented.

3. The lack of a story arc.

4. The message of hopelessness. They could have made it uplifting but chose not to. Jerks.

5. Did not see enough of the dog, cat, or racoon.

6. I don’t think the kid ever understood how he messed up being king, it appeared that he just gave up. Kid movies should not, by law, condone giving up.

For a brilliant full analysis check out this brilliant review on io9. It will not disappoint.



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