Posted by: Steph | September 16, 2009

A Year Without Candy

Let me explain. I did not say a year without cookies or a year without chocolate, just a year without candy. What qualifies as candy?

Jujubes, gummy bears, wine gums, Swedish berries, chocolate bars… all of the cheap junk one can buy at the convenience store.


  1. When I eat candy, instead of simply satisfying a craving, it only leads to me craving more candy.
  2. I’m not so good at moderation and rarely stop at just a few.
  3. I STILL sometimes use candy to get that rush I used to get from smoking – which has nothing to do with hunger or enjoyment.
  4. Sometimes I use candy because I am too lazy to bother finding “real” food.
  5. Over the last few years I have probably only really enjoyed only 25% of the candy I have eaten.
  6. Why not?

So… off I go. It’s been a week and so far I have not missed it at all. But I’m screwed for Halloween. Maybe I should leave the country.


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