Posted by: Steph | August 12, 2009

“I’m so busy”

That phrase drives me insane. To me it is akin to people using their facebook status to exclaim their joy surrounding the day of the week. In fact, let me take a moment to put something out there: We will assume that everyone is happy when it is Friday. If you are scared, surprised, or angry about it being Friday I might be intrigued and want to know about it. But if you are happy/relieved/thankful that it is Friday please shut up.

Back to “I’m so busy” – I find that this phrase is so often over-used that it has lost all meaning. People throw it out there with reckless abandon, often tied to the ever popular and completely meaningless “I’m so tired”. I should point out that I belive that many of us are indeed very busy and tired – but I just don’t like hearing about it, and I don’t really take it at face value anymore. I’m not perfect and I know I’ve used these phrases but I am going to make a sincere effort to block them from my communication repertoire. If you catch me out – you have permission to kick me.


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