Posted by: Steph | February 23, 2009

10k training – Day 15

39 days till 5k.

68 days till 10k. Merde.

Week 2 wasn’t quite as good as week one. Blame the shoe theif incident and the severe toe stubbing incident. Even the planned spin class was canceled. The goddess of running was not smiling upon me for a moment there.

This week things are back under control.

Today I will do my 5M (8.02Km) run after work. This is what I was scheduled to do last Monday and I am terrified because I have never run this far all at once in my life – remember I am the non-runner. My friend lent me a book by Mr. Running Room and he suggests one minute of walking for every ten minutes of running. I tried this out last week and I have to admit that it really did make it easier to chop the run up like that – and it did not affect my overall times much. Since I am doomed if I watch the clock, I customized the concept and walked for one minute after four songs played to completion. This worked well for a few reasons:

1. This tended to make it 12-15 minutes between 1 minute walks, which meant that it was more than one mile each time I got to walk – mentally satisfying.

2. This forces me to accept and get into whatever song is playing and keeps me from getting into “next song” mode. I am as bad with an iPod as I am with a remote when I get like this and it does not make running easier.

Went to abs class today and did my weights after. Gym guy was doing weights too so I did not skimp on my form. He could not look more intense when he does his weights and I have to make an effort not to smirk a little bit. We matched today in purple.

I made a “Fluffy Coconut Cake” from scratch this weekend (for my Dad’s birthday – I had promised/been challenged to make a ckae from scratch). I ate too much cake. And a few other bad things. Need to find the eating zen zone.



  1. How are you not a stick figure with all this exercise?!?! I am sooooo impressed!!! I ran 4K this weekend with Katie when she was here to visit – my longest run every. Very exciting. 5K scheduled for May 17th, triathlon for June 28th. Happy training!!

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