Posted by: Steph | January 6, 2009

Stop. Rewind. Play. Repeat.

I am so bored of the quest to be skinny. I still want to be skinny, but I am bored of the whole almost getting there but then not quite. And talking about it. Waste of brain power.

Part of it is that I realize that I do not have metabolism I used to have. I used to be able to loose 10 pounds by blinking a lot. Now… not so much. And also I am aiming to be healthy about it, which complicates matters. Too bad, I bet I would make a jolly cocaine addict. So… 2009 is going to be about slow steady progress with an emphasis on changing habits and getting really in shape. I plan to run a 5k race and a 10k race and work on…. I hate to even say this word… moderation.

1. Having a cookie does not mean I can have 12 cookies.

2. Diet coke can be drunk by the millilitre, it does not have to be ingested by the littre.

3. Even if I have a lighter exercise week, a few workouts are better than zero.

6. I do not need to be out being social every night but there is no need to hibernate.

So… time to start that. Off to abs class.  And maybe I will eat less than Healthy stuff at Jowi’s this weekend, but I might throw in an extra workout. It is all ok.

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