Posted by: Steph | December 3, 2008

Notes from the gym

1. Things that bug me: Skinny girls who spend 1/2 hour on the treadmill just walking. I just don’t get this.

2. There is a girl from the mid 90’s there. She even has a CDman that she plays while jogging in her sports bra. Sometimes when she is on the treadmill beside me I feel like I am running back in time.

3. Yoga. I tend to be a little tippy when doing Tree Pose. Drives me insane and I start swearing in my head thinking “I am not a tree”. Not very zen, I know. So, yesterday when it was time for Tree I started repeated in my head “I am a tree, I am a tree, I am a tree”. When I started tipping it became “I am a f@#$% tree and rooted into the ground and will not tip”… and it kind of worked. This may not be in accordance with Yoga principles of relaxing into the pose and just being. Whatever. And I still refuse to focus on my breathing.

4. Cardio Dance. Not for me. And frankly, just annoying.

5. I think I just convinced M to try Ashtanga with me on Friday. Never tried it and I don’t like doing new classes alone.



  1. This is definitely one of your funnier postings. Well done. Sorry we didn’t make it to Ashtanga. This is the new year though and I have to be fit for a week of skiing at the beginning of February! Allons-y!

  2. Walking burns calories. In layman’s terms.. the low heartrate tends to promote a fat burning environment within the body. And not to be mean… but these “skinny girls” obviously are getting results where you are just pouting in a corner about your fatness.

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