Posted by: Steph | November 10, 2008

The obvious and the trite

What’s goin on these days:

1. I have a US election hangover. I am a bit sad that I no longer get a Sarah Palin giggle every morning. I no longer race to see what Jon Stewart has come up with every evening. I’m a bit sad that the excitement is over. I want a bit of that extremism in Canada. I don’t care what straight white man gets chosen as the new head of the Liberal Party. But maybe I would if there were a crazy polar bear shooting maverick from the Yukon who might actually influence my life.

2. Gym bunny: I continue to work out like crazy and although I am changing shape, I am not as thin as I would like to be because that pesky hunger thing seems to get worse with the working out. Getting thin was so much easier when I did it by chugging Diet Cokes and chain smoking. Ahhh, the olden days. For the record, I walk 30k a week, do weights three times a week, cardio 5 times a week, pilates once a week (usually), yoga once a week (usually), and abs 15 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.

3. I have been a non-runner forever. I used to have to run a bit as part of training for Rowing but I hated every step. But…I am planning on running a 5k run in the spring, and a 10k run next fall! I have been doing 5k on the treadmill without any walking (disclaimer, I am the slowest runner I know) and I am at about 33 minutes, and my goal is to be under 27 minutes. or 25. Or 30. Does anyone know what would be reasonable? Regardless, I am having fun with the training, which was unexpected.

4. When I am tired I bump into walls a bit – pesky spatial relations thing – and last week I grazed a wall and got the equivalent of “rug burn” on my arm. Thought I would share that in case you were having a day when you felt uncoordinated.

5. I smell Thai food. YUM!!! Craving now.

6. I got the booties – marron crocodile – and rocked the look with a dark grey sweater dress. That was a fun day. Next on my wish list are good snow boots because the red oon boots are dead. I kind of want UGGS – fake ones because I just don’t care enough about namebrands for this sort of thing – but winter is sloppy and maybe I should find something that will deal with slushy stuff too. Ideas? Maybe motorcycle type boots with a decent tread?

7. It is early November and the Christmas tunes and decorations are everywhere. I refuse to participate in the joy until December 1st.

8. I have decided to cook one meal a week. Just because it seems like the right thing to do.

Must run to abs class.


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