Posted by: Steph | November 10, 2008

Gym Guy

You know the movie montages when someone decides to get into shape? They play a fast and powerful song while the protagonist runs, sweats, and does crazy workouts often before dawn. By the end of the song our protagonist is the Michael Phelps of whatever he/she has decided to tackle.

Aside – please read what D has to say about Phelps. I love her.

Brain freeze – what are modern examples of these movie montages? I can only think of Flashdance and Rocky 4 at the moment.

Anyway, Gym Guy always remined me of those movie montages. He was not a typical gym guy at all – they tens to rock side to side when they walk and look around a lot. And even though he was way too focused and intense to notice that there were others around, he made me work out extra hard because I was inspired and worried that I would ruin his montage if I slacked off. He has not been spotted in three weeks he needs to be found and returned to the gym. If you see him grab him. He tends to wear a lot of things with “21” on them.


  1. The Cutting Edge.

  2. I’m dying to know what happened to Gym Guy too – ever since you told me the story… why so eager – then over? Weird. We also totally have to figure out what the 21 means… probably some big sports figure… like Wayne’s 99 or Mike’s 23, I’m guessing?

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