Posted by: Steph | September 23, 2008

I’m over the Empire Waist style

I was driving through upstate New York on the way home from Martha’s Vineyard and I have to say that I felt skinny. Even after a week of vacation eating. The reason? The people we saw in all of the rest stops. Crazily huge people. Even young ones who were so big that they could only use the handicapped restroom stalls. I was the skinniest one there. Kind of fun in a twisted way.

But this morning this shiny outlook changed. I know I am not skinny, but objectively speaking, even though I whine about the few extra pounds, I know that I am not actually “fat”. This morning I put on a slightly too large empire waist top and some dress pants (I need to look slightly adult for a meeting later on), I added an aqua scarf to the equation and I was ready to go. I wear flat shoes on my way to the office (pointing this out because heels elongate). Well… I was running late because I had an early meeting and I decided to take the subway for a few stops. I got on the subway and there was nowhere to sit – but this horrible skinny young girl OFFERED ME HER SEAT!!!

So now I look pregnant? Granted I don’t exactly have a flat chest (my coworker blamed my chest), but pregnant? Really? I contemplated wearing a tight scarf around my waist or tucking my top in, even though that would look dorky. I just want to go home and change and put this top in the goodwill pile. I worked extra hard in my abs class let me tell you. And lunch? Who needs it.

Disclaimer: I checked in a full length mirror and when I walk my top sort of does bellow out with the breeze.


  1. Awful quiet around here lately…

  2. I practically wept when I saw the title of your post. I am so over the whole billowing, loosey-goosey top thing. I think it is reminding me of how traumatised I have been over the whole skinny jeans thing, oh, and then there was the whole boots over the jeans thing (were these simultaneous trends?). Really, I am quite convinced that designers are racist against people with boobs, oh and asses and probably thighs also, oh, and possibly flabby upper arms.

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