Posted by: Steph | July 10, 2008

I’m not mad

But my shoes slide off if I don’t add a little stomp to my step. Normally I am not stompy because I have been living above people in old houses. Stompy people get on my nerves a bit – however…

the stomping appears to affect the way I am treated. I have had more men wait to hold the door and the elevator for me than normal (not that anyone is ever rude, but they hold it if I am coming from farther away). Maybe it is because I seem to be on a very serious quest, with an authority that speaks to the world saying “this woman must get to her abs class now for the good of the company”.

Obviously I over-analyze too much, it may just be that they hear me coming, but I don’t have time to conduct experiments in a vacuum and my gut instincts are generally correct.



  1. “Normally I am not stompy…”

    Ahem. That’s not entirely accurate, Stompy Mc Stomstomp.

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