Posted by: Steph | July 7, 2008

10 reasons summer dresses suck

1. No pockets (usually… I know some do, shut up).

2. I went up to someone who has a fan by their desk and my dress started to fly up Danger.

3. I worry that it is tucked into my underwear after going to the washroom.

4. Easier for paparazzi to get “upskirt” pictures.

5. If I were to engage in a game of strip poker there would be less to take off.

6. Makes it tougher to do random flips.

7. Unlike winter, you don’t get the added joy of tall boots completing the outfit (assuming it is really hot out – work with me here).

8.If gravity were to fail I would be almost naked. I’m not into public nudity.

9. People who don’t know you assume you are a bit softer somehow. Can’t explain it…

10. No pockets!!! Where do I put my pass, change for Diet Coke, and secret notes when I walk around?


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