Posted by: Steph | July 3, 2008

“Hot girl” at gym update

Sorry to all of the inquiries, I do not know what department she works in. I will try to do some detective work for the interested parties. Perhaps CPG because she has incredible style too of course.

I really think that she lives at the gym – so if you become my gym buddy you can see for yourself. Yesterday I saw her doing a whole weight circuit before abs class, then she was at abs class, and after work she did a spin class. She makes me feel lazy and yesterday I did abs class, yoga, cardio, and weight circuit. As well as my daily 7km walk. I bet she only eats roughage though. And enough because I am a step away from sounding like an e-stalker.

Going to see Roma and Steff this evening and I can’t wait. Roma is getting her hair cut again and now that I think of it, I think that she spends half of her life cutting her hair. And it grows faster than puppies.

My gold headband makes me look important apparently. Like royalty. Maybe I should take it up a notch and wear my tiara tomorrow.


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