Posted by: Steph | July 2, 2008

Shoe drawer

So many women have a “shoe drawer” at work. It’s not just me. This is because the shoe can dramatically alter an entire outfit, and furthermore, different shoes have different purposes in terms of practicality. I have… let me count…six pairs of shoes at work today and I can justify each pair:

1. Flip flops to walk to and from work.

2. Sparkly flat shoes to wear throughout most of the day.

3. Golden heels in case I need to take it up a notch for a meeting (or if I feel the need to look thinner for someone).

4. Last season’s pointy brown low heels: saved in drawer in case of emergency – e.g. if I forget to pack my heels one day to ensure that I am not stuck wearing flip flops. However I won’t miss these shoes at home.

5. Tall winter boots: I have limited closet space at home and I won’t wear these till fall.

6. Running shoes for the gym.

You may laugh, but next time you have a shoe emergency don’t come crying to me.

I also have 2 emergency scarves on stand-by.


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