Posted by: Steph | June 26, 2008

Gym + cleavage = all wrong

Today, by mistake I grabbed the wrong T-shirt and so when I went to my abs class I was showing more cleavage than I would deem necessary for a workout. Oops. Luckily there aren’t too many gawkers in abs class. Make that none.

That being said, I am planning on hitting the gym after work as well and I am already dreading it because of the t-shirt situation. I am contemplating running out to buy a new t-shirt just for that… but that would be wrong.  My new custom routine has me doing free weights and I already dislike being in that area with too many overly bulgy guys. Is it unfair that I assume that overly muscular men are a little bit less bright? I guess it is a parallel to the blonde thing. People always underestimate me when I am blonde and it can be fun to toy with that.

Update on “the hot girl at the gym” – She also has excellent taste in clothes and handbags and I am willing to bet that she went to private school in either Toronto or Montreal because she has the Toronto private school lilt to her voice. Which totally amuses me. …I know that I slip into it on occasion depending on who I am with.



  1. what is the private school lilt?
    you should show it to me over beer and catching up 🙂

  2. […] that there are frequent searches on “cleavage at gym”  because they often land on my last tangent about that. Yay. Perverts on my […]

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