Posted by: Steph | June 20, 2008


I confess I had sushi for lunch. Rice was involved.

Well, I was planning on one sushi cheat before France, I guess I just had it ahead of schedule. It was delicious. Better than eating the cookies or the desert squares that are on the table behind me for the taking. They have the kind that taste like chocolate chip cookie dough. It is torturing me. I want them all. Grumble.

I did go to my abs class and I will go to they gym tonight, so I need to remember that sushi for lunch isn’t a big deal. It happens.



  1. I believe in good carbs. They’re brain food. Unfortunately, sushi rice is a bad carb. It doesn’t sustain you. Protein’s also a good thing to have mid day to keep your brain energy level up. The world (esp. Steph) will regret that I’ve had an analytical conversation with a nutritionist.

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