Posted by: Steph | June 18, 2008

No Jen, they just hate you.

Hell’s Kitchen, Season… whatever it is now. It was down to 4 contestants and Jen is by far the most annoying and the most incompetent. She is clearly delusional about her talent and has attitude issues – oh and she is completely unethical and lies (anyone who read this blog through the Antonio drama knows how well I respond to that). The type of reality television candidate that they keep around purely to add drama. And here is the thing… every time the other contestants get angry with her or tell her off she chalks it up to people “feeling threatened” or being “jealous of her talent”.

This drives me absolutely insane – and it seems to be a common theme in reality television. Does this translate into real life? Do the loathed think that people feel threatened by them? Conversely, do these people treat people like dirt when they are “threatened” by them?

I don’t get it. If someone is way better than I am at something, or I feel “threatened” I will treat that person with respect. I find myself drawn to people who I perceive as being better than me because I am curious, I want to learn, and I aim to be surrounded by people who impress me. It makes me strive to be better.


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