Posted by: Steph | June 18, 2008

100 things before I die?

A friend of mine just inspired me. Although I am surprised to discover that she has become more of an Anglophile than I would have guessed. I won’t reveal who she is because I believe that her blog may be somewhat anonymous.

So… 100 things to do before I die? I know the concept isn’t new, but I think that the time is right for me to make one. Possibly because I am suddenly feeling like maybe I don’t have forever ahead of me anymore. LIke my friend, I am also a fan of lists, and I think that I will buy a pretty little book that I can put these in.

I have too much “real” work to do so I can’t dedicate much thought now – but in no particular order, here are a few that come to mind (yes, some are the same as Mighty Girl, who inspired my friend).

1. Play with Polar Bear cubs.

2. Go Dog sledding.

3. Sleep at an ice hotel

4. Live in Paris for a year

5. Eat Kobe beef.

6. Meet an alpaca.

7. Go on a safari.

8. Go to the arctic or the antarctic… polar bears or penguins? Maybe antarctic to see the penguins, which leaves me with #9.

#9 Go to Churchill Manitoba to see the polar bears while they are still there.

#10 Jet Ski (preferably in the ocean, not somewhere that disturbs peaceful cottagers).

#11 Take up climbing – I don’t need to climb Everest, but I would love to try some smaller stuff.

#12 Ride a motorcycle (or a Vespa)

… That’s it for now. More to come.



  1. Anglophile? Really? It’s the Moors thing isn’t it? Jeepers, you want a pair of boots and a walk through some grass and rocks and all of a sudden you’re branded. Doh! BTW: thanks for the Vespa inspiration.

  2. OK, I want to meet hongkonquerer.

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