Posted by: Steph | June 17, 2008

The “hot” girl at the gym

I don’t see the point of malicious jealousy. Waste of energy.

I understand admiring men (or women) for hotness value if they are playing soccer or tennis or something but at the gym I am not scoping. I have noticed that at the gym women then to spend more time checking out the other women than the men, and I believe that it is more for comparison. Personally, I find it motivating to see women with that perfect body that I want. And I think to myself “good for them, I bet they haven’t eaten as many cookies as I have – note to self, no more cookies”.

There is one tall thin girl who is often there when I am there – being tall she already has the genetic advantage – lucky her – but I wish that she would stop preening in the mirror every time I see her. It just makes her seem a little bit less intelligent. And I don’t want to be accused of finding fault with the “hot” girl because I am jealous. Frankly, she deserves to be that thin because I think that she spends the majority of her day at the gym (I wonder if she actually ever works). Then again, maybe if I had that perfect muscle definition I would spend a bit more time preening too. But at least I would try to be discreet.

Men at the gym? I just wish they weren’t there. Those body builder types just take up too much space.


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