Posted by: Steph | June 16, 2008

Sugar free candies

Taste amazing but I would not recommend that you ever have more than three at once.  I’m still in boot camp mode and I thought that the sugar free candies would make a great weekend treat… not so much.

I’ve been loosing 3 or 4 pounds a week for the last few weeks and this week I want to push even harder. France is creeping up and even though my clothes are looser, I am nowhere near fitting into my fabulous seven jeans I bought before I quit smoking. So this week: No carbs, but I also need to have smaller meals – at dinner specifically. Last week I missed 4 or my walks – that’s 14km of missed opportunity – this week I won’t miss any of those.



  1. Keep going, S. I can totally empathize how hard it is…but can’t do the no carbs or eliminating anything from my diet. I’ve found what works for me is 4 days of exercise a week and smaller portions. If I deny myself things I enjoy for the sake of shedding pounds, they always always come back. I’m always up for run or vigorous walk during our time in VT together!

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