Posted by: Steph | May 22, 2008

Ten things about scarves

1. There is no right or wrong way to wear a scarf, only poor decision making. For example, by wearing a scarf in a tie-like manner you may look idiotic (and by idiotic I mean like a flight attendant wearing her uniform off duty), but someone else will be able to pull it off magically and look elegant. Scarf wearing is situational, and the details are important – the scarf material, pattern, size, where it is being worn, season…

2. A bright scarf can add punch to an outfit with too many neutrals. A bright scarf can make a bright outfit look clown like. A neutral scarf can depress people.

3. Scarves can make fabulous belts, especially in the summer. I have a few Hermes scarves that have been passed down to me and I love wearing them as a belt with jeans and a simple shirt in the summer (I come from a long line of scarf enthusiasts).

4. Dull scarves make you look dull. What is the point of a beige scarf? Although I would recommend that everyone own at least one plain black scarf because sometimes you don’t want to be noticed.

5. If you are one of those people who can really pull off the scarf as a hat thing I am jealous. I’ve seen it done, but I have only pulled it off successfully a few times. Let’s not talk about when I tried and it didn’t work so well.

6. I’ve seen the scarf as bracelet thing work with small but beautiful scarves. Hermes even came out with bracelets based on their scarves.

7. A man who can wear a scarf (other than a Canadian winter worthy scarf) gets a gold star. It can be a little bit gay, which is a good thing.

8. Sometimes a scarf is practical to hide cleavage if you don’t feel like sharing.

9. The “Summer Scarf” is hot this season and you can find them everywhere. I recommend avoiding any polyester or unnatural fibers because they don’t feel so fantastic on a hot day.

10. Using someone’s scarf to strangle them is fast and efficient, but don’t forget gloves to avoid leaving that pesky DNA behind. French hitmen have been using this method for years.

Also, Read this.



  1. On a rather dull Thursday evening, I got a huge laugh out of point #10!!!! Thanks!!

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