Posted by: Steph | May 15, 2008

Diet Coke Diaries – Day 4

Barely slept last night because my back hurt so much. Apparently my back spasms may be related to the lack of Diet Coke. Which makes me question why I gave it up in the first place. Oh yeah… vanity. I want to fit into my little jeans again and fear that the Diet Coke may be affecting my eating habits.

I have not cheated but I think little bit of chocolate may have entered my bloodstream through no fault of my own. You see, the chocolate arrived right at my doorstep wrapped in cookie and still warm. That’s right. Gourmet cookies arrived at my door especially for me (Thank you!!!!) and I think that it would have been rude to not eat at least one. Ok two. Maybe two and a half. 

This may sound weird, but somehow, even though I enjoyed the cookie more than pretty much anything, I think that the lack of Diet Coke accompaniment somehow made me feel satisfied faster than I normally would have been with the sugar dose. And now a few hours have gone by and I have not dived back into the cookies. This is unheard of. Fascinating.

And my back seems better this afternoon.



  1. Does it get any better than finding cookies at your door, that is hilarious.

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