Posted by: Steph | May 14, 2008

Diet Coke Diaries – Day 3

I slept like a dead thing last night and I would have liked to continue sleeping for many more hours.

I have not needed any Advil today to deal with the withdrawal headaches, which is great because I was told that the headaches last up to 5 days. I am having weird back spasms though and I was told that it may be the result of my sodium levels changing.

I have decided to allow myself diet ginger ale and diet sprite (in moderation) but I went a little bit crazy and drank almost an entire 2 litre bottle of diet ginger ale last night. Again… moderation is not my strength. So I need to set a rule. Three caffeine and sugar free drinks a day. I know, aspartame is bad… but I am way more concerned with getting off caffeine and getting thin again.

I miss the buzz of the caffeine high. I realize I am boring. And for some reason my computer is not letting me use apostrophes.



  1. What about diet + caffeine free coke? Or is that just pointless?

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