Posted by: Steph | May 13, 2008

Diet Coke Diaries – Day 2

My first thought when I woke up was that I wanted a diet coke. And then I remembered. No Diet Coke for me…13 more days.

To be honest I am not as grumpy as I should be. I feel as though I am swimming underwater though and I’m physically exhausted. I’m also a teeny bit stiff from the first golf swings of the season – so maybe that accounts for some of it. My co-workers are all bored of me and keep telling me I look tired. Great. Is this what life will be like from now on? On the plus side, in the past insomnia has been a side effect of trying to quit caffeine but I was able to sleep well last night.

I haven’t been mean to anyone yet. I want sugar. Cookies would be fun. But I have also stopped eating all candy and sugar based delights since part of quitting Diet Coke is getting rid of the quitting smoking weight. Does that even make sense or have I begun to create logic that only works in my head?

I’m boring myself.


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