Posted by: Steph | May 7, 2008

I am sane

Today I am displeased because the weather was supposed to be warm and I dressed appropriately…somewhat against gut instinct I might add. The whole clothing plan was shot to hell when I went out for a delightful lunch but I froze outside. Luckily, being “the scarf woman” I had an extra larger slightly warmer scarf hiding away in my desk to warm me up. But I am still irritated, because I have previously reported, I disapprove of inappropriate weather clothing.

The sane thing… Well one of my less silly coworkers was standing around my desk, innocently blackberrying when I returned from lunch and unfortunately for him I explained to him the whole dysfunctional relationship between my clothing and the weather and the greatness of scarves… Just because he was standing there. So he asked me if insanity ran in my family.

I think that when I speak to this co-worker I can’t help but constantly be particularly quirky. He brings it out in me – perhaps because he comes off as so straight laced but it is obvious that he has a fun side when he isn’t muttering about being busy with eyes glued to his blackberry. And I can’t resist trying to bring out an outrageous and or quirky side in anyone. Is that a strength that I can put on my resume? Brings out the unexpected quirks of individuals in a workplace?

Unrelated question of the day: When out for sushi, why are the pieces of ginger so big? It is hard to make them smaller with chopsticks, but I don’t want a huge piece of ginger obscuring the rest of the flavour.



  1. I am so giggling at my desk right now, because you are so right about the ginger!! That’s always kind of annoyed me. Glad I’m not alone! 🙂

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