Posted by: Steph | May 5, 2008

Summer scarves

I am enjoying the plethora of light summer scarves that are available to finish an outfit. This is a fantastic trend. Like handbags and shoes, scarves fit even on my fat days. This will almost make up for the shoe trends this summer that I cannot quite bring myself to embrace. And my golden shoes from Paris are close to death, which makes this problematic. I need something that I can walk 7 kilometres a day in that I can wear with almost anything. Without looking like an idiot. And call me judgy, but I do not wear running shoes (the performance kind, not to be confused with sneakers) unless I am running or at the gym. Any ideas? I am contemplating converse or pumas.

Yes. I do realize how trite this post is.

Update – a coworker is going to bring in some of her scarves for my advice on wearing them. Do not fear the scarf people, just go for it. There is no right or wrong way to to do it – just experiment until it feels right. Advice that could apply to so many things…


  1. Gr8 post shawls and

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