Posted by: Steph | April 30, 2008

Mr Prickly

My dog’s relationship with his little rubber squeaky toy, Mr. Prickly, is getting more complex by the day. Riley likes to gently makes him squeak, but every time Mr. Prickly squeaks, Riley squeaks too. I belive that Mr. Prickly is the dominant one in the relationship. If we place Mr. Prickly on Riley’s paws, Riley will not move, even when he really has had enough. Also, one night I could not figure out why Riley kept making depressed sounds beside the bed until I realized that tiny Mr. Prickly was in the middle of Riley’s bed and Riley was on the floor wishing Mr. Prickly would get off. As soon as I moved Mr. Prickly Riley scrambled onto his bed his bed and curled up happy. Also, Riley is becoming more concerned that Mr. Prickly always be on the same floor as him, and sometimes just picks him up to walk up and down the stairs.

Very odd.

And yes I can anthropomorphize anything with eyes.

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