Posted by: Steph | April 28, 2008

The Employee Whisperer

As I have already mentioned, Casar Millan, aka the Dog Whisperer, is my new idol. It’s all about the energy of the pack and you need to be a calm assertive pack leader.  Unfortunately, I am not allowed to have 40 dogs so I can’t be the next Dog Whisperer. But maybe I could translate his philosophies into workplace strategy… specifically with regards to energy. I firmly believe that energy is contagious. Uptight stressed out people tend to pass along their anxiety. It can be a real challenge to fight off that sort of energy. It would be much easier if it weren’t invisible. Oh yeah, and I guess I don’t really care if my co-workers are calm enough to pat since they won’t be sleeping at the foot of my bed. I hope.



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