Posted by: Steph | April 26, 2008

Like bad reality TV – but real

Last night I was just wasting time on the computer when I stumbled across something quite disturbing and depressing. I had searched an old friend from about 15 years ago, and I found his name in the very personal blog of one of his ex-girlfriends. For complicated and personal reasons their lives have ben intertwined intertwined for about 17 years, which is when they saw each other last, and the blog references him on numerous occasions. She appears to have lived a very troubled life, and hates him but wants to talk to him and has been trying to find him.

I got sucked into the blog and it felt about as healthy as reading a tabloid and eating junk food. It was especially disturbing because I know some things about him that most likely would have a profound impact on her life. The whole thing was just really sad.



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