Posted by: Steph | April 22, 2008

Rioting is stupid.

When I was little my Dad would take me to hockey games at the Montreal Forum and I thought that Guy Lafleur was pretty cool without his helmet. So today, even though hockey isn’t really something that I acknowledge to be in my universe (except for the Olympics of course, I am Canadian) I root for the Montreal Canadians to win.

But this may need to change because I find it absolutely despicable that Hockey fans would celebrate by rioting and looting. Jerks. Sixteen or 17 police cars had to be towed away and now tax payers will need to pay to replace them. Insurance companies will have to cover the looting (I hope that the stores were insured). The city will have to pay to clean up the streets and provide extra security for the games. Why is destruction even considered celebratory to begin with?

I will never be a Leafs fan, or really any kind of buckle bunny, but maybe I will throw one cheer towards Boston.


  1. I’d like several more posts under the ‘looting’ and ‘rioting’ tags please.

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